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About Us

One of the many reasons for the excellent quality of our products is due to our dedicated employees. From the office to the shipping department, we strive to do our best. The average lenght of employment here is 19-1/2 years.

[You are Number One] When you need a product, we do our work with integrity, honesty, and commitment. When you have questions about your specific application, we will do all in our power to help.

[Customer Service] Place your orders directly by phone, fax or email. The personal touch is important to us, so we want to make sure that you order exactly the right abrasive for your specific tasks.

[Special Services] Per customer’s request, We can “private label” any of our products. Our lead time is hard to beat! “RUSH” orders are shipped with no extra charge to make the experience fast, easy and convenient.

[Worldwide Distribution] Our facility can ship to anywhere in the US, on an overnight basis upon request, or to anywhere in the world, subject to lead times of carriers. We have shipped to Singapore, Peru, Mexico, Canada, Panama, etc.


“I want to say thank you and I know that you’re an example of someone that places customer satisfaction as the number one goal. I wish others will mirror your customer service skills” -James [Industrial Supply House].

“Those FR594 80 grit stones worked out wonderfully.” – Heather [Terrazzo Flooring Specialist].

 "I'm at home now and the chaos has stopped (we have been inundated with orders for 6 months straight), so I thought I should send you a proper thank you. I really must say thanks so much for such good customer support. Like I said I tried a couple other places I found online and I guess just too busy to want my business. I will gladly give my business to someone who cares about great customer service. Seems it is lost in our society anymore. So, again I say thanks." -
Lyle [Rusco Inc]

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